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Hi there. I'm wondering that if i can make the prompt dialog is being prompt when each serialization is happening.

For example, i have 5 box.When i print,i print out 5 labels. 1 of 5 , 2 of 5, 3 of 5,...

Before it prints,it will prompt out a dialog to let user enter the info for the field.Then after printing the first one,it will prompt the same dialog again for user key in different data in same field.then etc etc until the fifth label.

I hope that i can get any clarification from here.Sorry if the question i ask sounds dumb.I have searched high and low in my bartender for it.
By the way,i'm using Bartender Enterprise Automation ver 9.4.

Thank you.

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I thought setting it to prompt "Every Record" would do this, but apparently not. That must only apply to databases.

I have written a script that allows you to do 5 boxes all at once for 5 labels (attached). Maybe you can use that method as a workaround, or maybe not.

[attachment=148:5 Boxes.btw]
Shotaro Ito
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You can prepare a dummy table and use SQL TOP function with query prompt to get required rows of dummy record.

Create a dummy table like this(in this case, excel sheet "dummy.xls" Sheet1)

In Bartender, create database setup to connect database above.
In database setup's SQL tab, enable custom SQL to set sql like this.
[sql]SELECT TOP ?Q1 NUM FROM `Sheet1$`[/sql]
Create a query prompt and name "Q1".

If you create data entry(user prompt) for each record, make sure to it appears in every record, from data source's transform (prompt) property.

Try attached format.
Hope that helps.
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Thanks for both for the kindly help. I really appreciate that.

For nRyder,
Your attachment jolted me some ideas to try on.Thanks.You can read the detail scenario below to further understand my current work.

For Shotaro,
Thanks.It really lighten me up.

Actually,my case is actually sounds like this
I have designed the label and prompt dialog.There is a textbox which requires user to enter for serialize number.If the user enters 4,mean we must print 4 labels,with 1 of 4, 2 of 4,...

My prompt dialog consists of 2 part,the upper part and below part with some field textbox to fill in.I was thinking that when it prints out the first label,it will prompt out the dialog again with ONLY the upper part comes out, so that the users don't have to enter the data again because basically the below part data is all the same.

Any ideas? Advice and help would be very appreciated much.Thanks for the patience with me too.
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I have solved my issue.

All i need is integrate Shotaro work to my current label. And for the prompt dialog, i set it to prompt "Every Record"
on whichever textbox i need to input different info, so that it would prompt whenever serialize.

Thank you very much.

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