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I have linked to my ERP data tables for two of the fields I need, Part number and drawing revision from the job header table. I also need part weight from the inventory master table. The join link is to PN in both tables to get all the jobs from the left table, and the matching weight from the right table. I have two text box label prompts to scan the job number and job suffix from a work order. I want the paint line employees to scan barcoces for these two fields to bring in the part number, the drawing revision and the weight from the work order to the label from the table data. I need to print Part ID labels for all the parts that are painted from any given work order. What I got was that one label for all the jobs were going to print until I figured out how to cancel the print job. How do I tell Bartender to print 30 part ID labels for a specific work order- suffix combination and auto populate the PN, Part Rev, and part weight from the data tables? I prefer that they not have to select the job from a list, and that they not have to enter the master passwords to print their labels. There will be a date stamp, and possibly three manual entries in prompt dialog boxes in addition to the data table fields. I tried to open links to training videos I saw in the FAQ entries here, and the links didn't work. Any help with the job/suffix logic would be much appreciated. I don't understand what to do here. Thanks!

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I think I understand what you want, so I'll give this a shot. It sounds like you need to setup a couple of query prompts in BarTender. BarTender supports two different types of prompts. The first is a simple data entry prompt. These come up at print time and the data entered prints directly on the label. The other type of prompt is a query prompt. These are used to send information back to your database in the form of a SQL query. The database then returns any matching records based on the query you’ve created.

Setting up a query prompt is a slightly different process than setting the data entry prompts. To set up a query prompt in BarTender:


[*]Open BarTender and your template
[*]Click [b]File [/b]> [b]Database Connection Setup[/b]
[*]On the left side of the Database Connection Setup window, select the table you want to query on
[*]In the right side of the window, select the [b]Query [/b]tab
[*]Click the [b]Fields [/b]dropdown to select the field to query on (work order)
[*]Click the [b]Criteria [/b]dropdown and scroll all the way to bottom. Select [b]New Prompt…[/b]
[*]A query prompts dialog will then pop up that allows you to configure the prompt (this is what the user will see)
[*]Once you’ve configured those options, click [b]OK[/b]
[*]You can use the [b]And/Or[/b] option to create additional queries
[*]Once your queries are set up, click the [b]Browse [/b]tab to test it

You can set up as many query prompts as necessary to get the data you need.

Does this help you get what you are looking for? If not, just let us know and we will get it figured out for you.

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