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I hope someone can help me to fix this issue... Here is my scenario

I have to print lables Manual and automatic.

In On print start job user will be prompted to select manual or auto then if it is

Manual - User will enter sales order info (inputbox) and quantity (Prompt Design window) then it will print the label based on the no of quantity entered.

Automatic - it automatically calculate the number of labels based on oracle query and it should print that.

Manual part is working fine. But i don't know how to include automatic and pass the value to printer.

if I include automatic, I have to disable the enter quantity Prompt Design window and get the quantity from DB and pass it to the printer.

If i write the code here(Printer-Number of serialized labels-options-data source-VB script)

How can i get the value of manual or automatic here from Functions and Subs?

Thanks for your help.

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Shotaro Ito
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Hi Kalai,
Instead of try to branch manual or auto, I'd rather have 2 label documents(btw files). One for manual and another for automatic.
(I'm sure you have already considered this option, though. Just I don't have a great idea of select something without showing user prompt.)

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