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I need some info's about BarTender, using it with RFID printers:
I need to use Toshiba printers with an external RFID module (not toshiba RFID kit) that has its own commands. Can I use it with BarTender, maybe programming any Scripts or sending RFID commands to the printer directly from BarTender software?
If it is not possible, can I use BarTender to generate label layout and call it from an external application that implements RFID functionality on the printer?

Thank you very much in advance.
Best Regards.

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Ian Cummings
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How would BarTender send these commands to the external RFID module? Does it have its own connection direct to the computer (serial, TCP/IP etc) or does it get its commands via the printer and therefore BarTender would need to inject them into the print code some how?

I would say that both scenarios are feasible on the face of it, be it through a VB script in the label, or using the Printer Code Modifier of BarTender.

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