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Dear Friends,

I have the following requirement:

There were 100 rows to display in BT Label. And I want to print 10 Rows in each page based on a parameter (Rows Per Page = 10). How should I achieve this and print the data dynamically in BT Label.

Note: Parameter - Rows per page will changed based on requirement, For ex. Rows Per Page = 5 then, 100 rows of data will be displayed in 20 pages of BT Label like 5 rows in each page of BT Label.

Appreciate for your reply.


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Fernando Ramos Miracle
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Could you explain in further detail your issue?

1. When you talk about "Rows" are you referring to database records, text lines or something else?

2. Where is this data coming from exactly?

3. What page size are you working with? Are you working with continuous stock and look for a variable length label (depending on how many "rows" per page are included)?


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