No Gs1 Datamatrix With Ia 00 And Check Digit S’abonner


Hi, greetings from Spain and Happy new year. I´m trying to create a no GS1 Datamatrix code. The code has this structure:


I created the code with the "GS1 Application Identifier Data Source Wizard", and then I convert it a damatrix code (my client wants it in that way)

The problem is that in datamatrix, Bartender doesn´t calculate the check digit in the data source "28424771033021314". In GS1 Datamatrix the check digit is calculate, but not in datamatrix. Is there any way to do with VB script?

Thanks ans sorry for my English.

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Fernando Ramos Miracle
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Hello from Spain too ;)

Note that you can manually create your own custom check digit using VB Script. If you enter the "Help>BarTender's Help" option and search for "Creating custom check digits" you'll get a full document on how to create your own check digit.

Make sure to consult the GS1 webpage to verify exactly which type of check digit that Application Identifier works with or let me know (not sure which one you are using with that precise data source). Note that we've got a number of algorithms already built in as VB Script functions for you to use.


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