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My issue is the difference between Bartender and the Web Print Server.  I have a label that asks what skid to start with, then increments for each run.  After each run, it resets back to zero.  That works great within Bartender, but not WPS.  I checked with Tech Support(very helpful), but they came back to me and said the following:


"The Problem here is related to the web browser, not the site itself.  Basically what's occurring here is that the browser is keeping and repopulating the last used value instead of reading it every time.  There's unfortunately not a setting in IIS to remedy that, and none of the 3 browsers that I've tested have shown any way to disable that."


Fair enough, it seems to be a Browser issue.  So I'm trying a work around.  Now, I use the initial entry as a starting point, then have another Data Source increment in reference to the original.  So on the Label, I have Starting Skid: x, then Current Skid: x+1.  That works great for my purposes. 


My problem is getting the Current Skid to reset after a series of print jobs.  If they print 10 jobs, the Current Skid will be x+10.  The next time they go to print, I want the 10 to be back to zero, restarting the count.  I can't seem to find a way to have it reset when the print job starts.  I've looked into the VBScript with Event Control Scripts, but haven't found the magic solution yet.  I've tried to reset with every Print Job, but that doesn't work when they can print 10+ in a row easily, and it resets with every Print button press.




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