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I have created label that has a data entry form and a template.  One of the input fields on the data entry form  is called "Packages".  The end user inputs the number of packages in this field (which is linked to the Copies - Print Dialog Data Source) and that determines how many labels should be printed.  

That in itself is not a problem except the field that used to display the number of packages in the template (before I linked to the Copies - Print Dialog Data Source) is now blank.  


My question is this.  How do i use the input field to determine the number of copies AND have this value displayed on my template?


Any help would be much appreciated.  I can attach a copy of BTW file if requested.





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Ian Cummings
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For the label object, you can use a "Print Job Field" data source and select the "Total number of printed templates" item.  Otherwise, choose a VB script data source with an expression of: Format.IdenticalCopiesOfLabel

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