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I'm trying to make location labels for our stockroom guys and having a bit of trouble getting the serialization to work the way I need. 

There are four test sections separated by a dash (-) each section is either a single or double letter or number in the form of





Each section has a different range. I can't seem to figure out how to increment the section to the left when the upper limit is reached.


So far all I can do is increment the far right (section) to it's upper limit and start over.

What I'd like to have;

Section prints from 1 to 67.

After printing #67 section resets to 1 and increments Level to 2 an prints 1-67 again

After Level reaches it's upper limit, it gets reset to 1 and increments Aisle (to B in this case) and the whole process starts over again.



Print 1-A-01-01 through 1-A-01-67

Next label printed should read 1-A-02-01 and continue until 1-A-05-067

Next label printed should then be 1-B-01-01 


Can anybody help me get this done?

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