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How do people do Nutritional labeling in formal formatting?  (see attached example)


I was hoping for template objects in accepted formats that could be pulled into a label and filled in, but don't see anything like this in our Bartender Enterprise installation.


Is the only way to do this to build it piece by piece manually?  Advice appreciated.

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Jenna Ingersoll
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There is a sample document installed with BarTender (My Documents > Food Production and Processing > NutritionalLabelLaser.btw)


The nutritional information is stored in the text file NutritionalLabel.txt. 


Alternatively, you can remove the database connection and connect to your own database that contains the nutritional information you want to pull in. If you do it that way, you'll need to "reassign" the database field text objects on the database either by assigning alias or by dragging the database fields to the objects on the label.

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