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Hi. I'm trying to set up Bartender with our R110Xi4 to print on the Alien Squiggle (ALN-9740). We have had this working successfully before (set up by someone who is not here right now), however our print PC died so I'm setting everything up again on a new PC.  The labels are printing fine, however the tags are being encoded incorrectly. The tag number for a printed tag is being encoded to the tag that follows on the roll and all tags are being voided. I'm not sure why they are being voided either, since some tag does encoded correctly, just not the correct tag. Any advice you could provide would be much appreciated.  My current document settings are as follows:


Page Size: User Defined - 3.941" x 0.618"

Margins: Top: 0.0", Bottom: 0.13", Left: 0.035", Right: 0.069"

Media Handling: Use Driver Settings - Printer Stock Settings:

  • Print Method: Thermal Transfer
  • Media Type: Non Continuous
  • Mode: Tear Off
  • Pause: No Pause
  • Backfeed: After printing (I've tried all the Backfeed options, doesn't seem to make a difference)

RFID Options:

  • Tag Type: Printer Default
  • Transponder Position: I've tried between 0 and 0.4. This changes the position of the VOID markings, with higher values covering more of the tag.
  • Error Handling: 1/1/Continue
  • UMI Bit: Always

Also, I've run the RFID calibration and label calibration on the printer several times with no change in results.

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Ian Cummings
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I would suppose that you need to specify a correct transponder position in accordance to your label media.

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