Special Characters Are Not Working Vb Script For Cmd.exe Application S’abonner



Please help for the issues.

Below is the script.
1)it open cmd prompt and type ipconfig.
2)after i want that ouptput to be copied manually by sendkey script
3)i tried using alt,ctl....etc..none of them are working.
4)it works till enter.
5)after that p is getting type not opening properties.

Set sh = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
sh.Run "C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe", 9
WScript.Sleep 1000 'wait a while to load notepad app'
sh.SendKeys "ipconfig"
sh.SendKeys "{ENTER}"
sh.sendkeys "% p"


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Domingo Rodriguez
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Hello Ravi,

I'm not sure if this question relates at all to BarTender, our label, RFID and card design & printing software. Could you let us know if you use any of our products (BarTender, automate via our middleware software Commander, using our printer drivers...). To me, it seems like you're wishing to introduce a programatic pause (by using sleep) before you open a Windows application, but could you let us know how this relates to BarTender?

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