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hello there

I new with BarTender, the software was just installed in my firm last week.
I would like to create a sticker with 5 fields of text (Supplier name, Address, Phone Number, Contact and Mobile Phone Number)
the key of the list is the supplier name.
I have CSV file for the database but i don't know how to define the dropdown list and also to adjust the other text fields

many thanks

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Ian Cummings
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I guess you are wanting to connect to your data file to source the name/address information that you wish to print, but that you wish to combine this with a query so that you print only selected suppliers at any one time? If the answer is yes to the previous then you would need to make a general "Database" connection to the CSV file and to setup a query prompt. Alas, query prompts are only supported by a text input form field at this time.

View the below training videos for details on how to set this up:

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