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Hi Everybody!


I have a problem. I created a barcode generator (personal card) in visual studio.

BUT I don't know how can I put the tabulator after the field?

I have got two field, username and password field. I would like to a TAB between field1 and field2.


I tried this way.. but doesn't work..

textEncoded.Text = BarcodeConverter128.StringToBarcode(textToConvert.Text);
convertType = CalculateConvertType(textToConvert.Text, 1);
textEncoded2.Text = BarcodeConverter128.StringToBarcode(textToConvert2.Text);
convertType = CalculateConvertType(textToConvert2.Text, 1);


  textEncoded3.Text = textEncoded.Text + (char)9 + textEncoded2.Text;
  lblBarcode.Text = textEncoded3.Text;

I hope Somebody knows the answer because I tried everything...


Thank you!



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