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I am trying to use an If statement to set the quantity field on the last page to a different value to all the other pages.

The If statement does not seem to recalculate on change of page however.

I am Using the "Copies" value in the Print Dialog to duplicate the number of labels by a database field.  This works fine and the page numbers increment properly.


My formula bleow works, but does not seem to re-evaluate properly within the one record of the text file.

Does anyone know if I am supposed to use an alternative event to OnProcessData or something to make it work?



If Format.Objects("PageNum").Value = FormatNumber(Field("JobLabelQty"),0) Then

 value = (Field("Field7") - ((Field("JobLabelQty") - 1) * Field("Field5")))


 value = Field("Field5")

End If 



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