Vb Scripting For Multiple Tables For A Single Label S’abonner

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We are looking for help to develop some scripts for use within a label format. The purpose is to fetch data for use as content to match an operator input prompts. The script would need to find a database, table, field to match the operator input for an ad hoc label.


More details:


We have a need for an operator to ask for a bartender script to fill in some data on a label.



The label process they are using does not let them know the specific content before printing box labels.



1)      Worker picks up the next “box” of “dotted” Or “non-dotted” components to PACK.

2)      They go to the label station, open one of the Bartender prompted label queries for printing labels. (this precedes CoO)

3)      They enter the Parent Item

4)      Next enter lot number for Component Part (dotted)

5)      Next enter quantity of labels


One problem is that the worker nor Bartender know, the CoO of the lot entered for the component part.

We have a table in the ERP database containing the main component for the parent, so the parent, with the findable primary component matching to the lot entered, can we then find and match the pull the specific data from the ERP database and insert on the label field? Also, in querying the data, can we also qualify the component data for the label; part/lot/other and give the worked a warning the lot entered does not match?


Not sure if this is all possible in a script in the bartender label.


I have more data to add, but when we can talk about this we can clarify and I will have more also to look at.

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