Creating Rfid Tag Sscc-96 S’abonner

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I did create an RFID Object, Data Format SSCC-96.


The given NVE-SSCC-No. is 340090490004085798


I used the wizard to create a EPC-Gen2-compatible datascource with 3 elements:


1. Filter Value "2"

2. Company Prefix (8-digit-field from database IDOC - Value is "34009049")

3. Serial Reference (9-digit-field from database IDOC - Value is "000408579")


The data Type is "text".


I expect Bartender to encode the SSCC-96 into the right RFID-EPC-Code according to the requirements of GEN2.


The EPC-Code result of the above values is: 31510377EC80063C03000000 -> NVE-SSCC 034009049004085794.

The EPC-Code should be: 3154F4B164B2D69A03000000 -> NVE-SSCC 340090490004085798


For Information: the last Digit of the NVE-SSCC is a "Check Digit".


What could be wront?


Thank you



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