Populating Address, City, State Fields Based On Drop Down Selection. S’abonner

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I want to have a label populate based upon the values in a select on my prompt. I don't understand how to script this in bartender 10.1. How is this accomplished?


Can you give me a sample script or examples? I don't understand where to write the script and I don't know the basic syntax. Can you offer any assistance? Thank you if you can.




More info:

At the time of print, the user will select the Ship To address.

I need some fields to be printed based upon the ship to address that was chosen.


How do I say if the select item one was chosen, the printed value of address field 1 is A, the printed value of address field 2 is B. But if select item two was chosen then address field 1 prints X and address field 2 prints Y?

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