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Hello All,

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I have 2 Printronix T5204r with Online Data Verification (ODV) units running on Win XP
Printer drivers is Seagull Printronix driver v
Bartender is Enterprise V9.2 SR2

I am using the printer to print both 1D and 2D barcodes, both of which print perfect with the ODV unit off, however when I print 2D with the ODV unit enabled it rejects and destroys the label.

I have spoken to Printronix who have advised me to create 2 printer configurations on the machines - Configuration 1 - ODV Enabled, Configuration 2 - ODV disabled and then to use a config load command which they have provided to load the correct config for each label.

However I do not know how to send this command via the Seagull Bartender driver, can anyone advise the correct field into which to insert the command, or an alternative method of loading the printer config by label type?

Many thanks for your help


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Domingo Rodriguez
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I'm not sure if this helps, but with your print job you can send some extra printer commands. You can access this feature via the "File > Print" dialog in BarTender, and now click on the "Document Properties..." button. Select the "Page Setup" tab and now click the "Advanced Options..." button. Under "User Commands" tab you will be able to send extra printer commands to the printer.

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