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We are using Bartender 9.10 build 2617 to print pricing labels for our retail customer. 


The offsite warehouse user remote into our network via RDP on a Windows Server 2008 R2 to use Bartender to print the label which has a UPC-A field and several other text fields.  The label is a custom one which has three 1.25 inch by 1.0 inch squre labels in a row.  We use the SATO M84Pro (203 dpi) printer.


The issue occurred recently when they went from a Windows XP Pro PC to a Windows 7 Pro PC.  The leftmost label printed correctly but the next two labels, the UPC information got corrupted.  See attached image file, the 2 rightmost labels have different unscannable UPC.


 I thought it was a print issue but when the tech came out and tested it out with their own program on the local PC, it printed fine.  The issue only occurs when the PC user login via Remote Desktop and print using Bartender back to the local SATO printer.


I did some more testing within our own network and this is what I found.  When I print directly via USB to local SATO printer and even over the network to a remote printer using Bartender, it works fine.  If I remote to the RDP server and print out to local or remote printer, the same UPC corruption occurs.


I have replaced the driver on the server and the local PC, now running SATO SPL 7.3.2 provided by Seagull and still the same problem occurrs.


So this points to RDP, but driver loaded on both PC and server matches and RDP only use a generic window driver if a driver can't be find( Am I correct?).


The really odd thing is that when I use a Windows XP Pro PC with driver 7.1.2, it works fine via RDP.


Has anyone have this issue before and if there was any fixes?

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Ian Cummings
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I would guess the problem is due to Easy Print for Remote Desktop being in use rather than the Seagull printer driver.  Easy Print is a "driverless" printing system of RDP which is supported on the client side from Windows Vista upwards.  Easy Print has issues regarding print accuracy, so I would guess that this is the case.  Make sure that printer driver configuration is set-up so that the Seagull printer drivers are used for printing instead.

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