Large Font Download Does Not Verify S’abonner


Printer: Zebra 170 XiIII Plus 300 dpi

Driver: BT 7.3.3

Conecction: Network


Hi all, we have a need to download a large font to our printer.  If we download a small font, like Arial, Arial Narrow, Courier, Comic Sans, everything downloads and verifies properly.  But the font we really need is large, @Arial Unicode MS, and after finishing downloading it doesn't verify.  We are downloading to an added 256MB compact flash in the printer.  Since the font is so large, 22MB, it only fits in the CF.


The driver says this for the Downloaded @Arial Unicode MS font.

Type: Downloaded TrueType
Location: A: Compact Flash
Size: 23275812


Upon verification an "Unknown" font appears:

Type: Downloaded <unknown>
Size: 23275928


The font size is different and also the file is missing the "A:" on the file name.

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Fernando Ramos Miracle
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1. In order to verify if a font has certainly be stored in the printer, you need to have bidirectional communication activated (note that not all printers support this feature). It might be that the driver is not able to retrieve the information from the printer correctly.


2. If you access the flash drive do you see the downloaded font with the correct size?


3. Under the "Fonts" tab of the driver properties, access the "Tools>Font Settings..." dialog and, under the "Downloaded fonts" activate the "List downloaded fonts as printer fonts". Once done open a new document on one of your label design Windows application (we strongly recommend you try it with our BarTender application) and select the Zebra printer; on the printer list you should now be able to see a separate instance of the Arial font. Using the latter set some text on a new label and send a print job. Do you get a correct print out?

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