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Hello. I have some dump files being created in C:\ProgramData\Seagull\Drivers\Dump. Is this something the driver does on its own by default or someone would have turned on?


Also, is the dump file for a specific printer or one file is created for all printers? Just trying to figure out which printer\drive is having an issue that triggers a dump.

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Domingo Rodriguez
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Dump files are a result of something gone very wrong within the driver components. There is no way to turn them off and stop them from being generated. If the drivers installed on your system would be running properly, no dump files would be generated. If you're are already running updated Seagull drivers (all of the driver components running v7.3.5 version), and you're still receiving these dump files, you should be reporting this issue to the corresponding tech-support office (together with some of the dump files and a system information file from your Windows installation). We will also need to know if BarTender is being used in this environment.
There are common components in the printer drivers, such as the language monitor. If the language monitor is crashing, this could be affecting more than one printer driver.

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