Citizen Cl-S521 & Server 2012R2 Remote Desktop Driver Mapping S’abonner




We are currently trying to deploy Citizen CL-S521 label printer for our remote users.


Server is MS Server 2012R2, printer driver is (04/15/2014)


It turns out that Easy Print driver printing does not work well enough (orientation etc.) so I changed Group Policy to use proper driver first if match is found (disable Easy Print Driver First).


Unfortunately I can not seem to get server and client to agree that they both have the same driver. Driver is installed to both server and client from the same installation packgage.


I can verify that policy is taking effect as Brother HL-2150 laser printer picks up the Brother driver, not Easy Print driver.


I am running out of ideas. Maybe you have some?





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Ian Cummings
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It could be you have a Citizen badged driver, and the Citizen driver from Seagull direct.  They are pretty much the same driver, we make both, but they are not identical.  I suggest you run the Seagull DriverWizard to remove all driver installations, then download and install the latest Citizen driver from the Seagull website:

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