Can Only Print One Label Per Sheet Epson Lq680 S’abonner


Hi Community,


For reasons best left unexplained we are trying to make use of an EPSON LQ680 dot matrix printer to print heat sealable labels which will be permanently applied to products on an ongoing basis.


The labels are a thermopatch label 84 x 23 and appear to be on a German STD Fanfold page, they run through the printer on a Tractor feed.


I can print the labels no problem but only one label per page, the feed pushes the page to the start of the next page opposed to the start of the next label.


I can print labels in different positions on each page but it still feeds on to the start of the next page regardless.


Anyone got any ideas or experience on how to fix?







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Ian Cummings
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Define a custom page to be one row of labels/HST, rather than a whole page of them.  It should be noted that at the end of each print job a Windows print job (of any kind) will form feed the remainder of a page to the start of the next page.  If your "page" is only a row, like with thermal printers, then this will mean the printer will only feed to the next row down.  This should be possible with dot-matrix printers I believe.  This trick will not work with true sheet fed printers such as conventional laser or inkjet.

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