Datamax Printer Letters É And Ö Jumping Up With Seagull Driver S’abonner


Hi guys,

we are in a change from datamax to zebra.

at the moment all our labels are datamax font they give problems when we print them on datamax.

our vendor tells us to change all labels to arial font. but when we do this it prints ok on zebra but on datamax the special charaters like é and ö are jumping up.


we use seagull print drivers.


Can some one help we have a deadline next month.

we need to use 2 systems at once cause we cant do a big bang change


datamax printer A6212

Zebra printer 170xi4


Thanks in advance.





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Michael Toupin (mtoupin
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Try double-clicking on the text object in question, select the 'font' tab on the left, and then select the 'advanced' tab in the middle of the page. Make sure that the 'Substitute Best Matching Printer Font' box isn't checked. Then at print time, if you're warned about 'True Type fonts in use' make sure to either select 'Print using True Type fonts' or 'Disable warning and continue to use True Type fonts'. This will force it to use Arial and not substitute it with a printer font.

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