Issues With Serialization On Zebra 140Xiiii Plus S’abonner


Hello, i have some problem with printing large amounts of serialized labels. In some cases (not always), the printer stops his job for a couple of seconds and, when automatically restarting the job, skip some label sequences (eg. total labels to print 2000 - The printer stops the job at 400 for 2 seconds and restart printing from label 420).
I'm using BarTender 10.1 and the printers are 4 Zebra 140XiIII Plus. All the printers using seagull drivers and are network printers.
are there some driver options or BarTender's options to check in order to avoid these kind of issues?
Many thanks!

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Domingo Rodriguez
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When you say network printers, do you mean that you directly interface with the printer's internal IP address via a standard TCP/IP port? Or are these printers perhaps under some sort of printer server / print server box?


Make sure all Seagull drivers on the server are running at the same version (and this version should be the latest 7.3.6 version).


It would be important to know as well if the serialization optimization feature is in use. Could you attach the BarTender document (.btw) and a print file? In order to obtain the print file, do this via the "File > Print" dialog, now enable the "Print to File" checkbox and click Print.


Furthermore, under the "Driver Properties Dialog", select the "Advanced" tab and try using different spooling options (use spooler, send directly to printer)... only for testing purposes.

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