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Hi, I have a Seagull driver on a dedicated Windows server for printing via a web service to various distributed Datamax O'Neil label printers. We have just noticed that the ProgramData\Seagull\Drivers\Temp folder now contains over 30GB of files which has built up over a couple of years of daily use.


The system works fine most of the time but we do occasionally get large batches of failed prints due to various permission and network issues. My suspicion is that the failed prints are to blame for filling the Seagull temp folder. Is it safe to set up a maintenance task to empty this folder out from time to time? Or would it be better to stop and re-start the Windows print spooler service which I suspect should also clear out the Seagull temp files? Grateful for any advice you can give here.


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Shotaro Ito
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Hi, you can delete the temporary files created in ProgramData\Seagull\Drivers\Temp when driver is not in use(not printing) and driver UI (printing preference etc) is not open.

The driver might created crash dump file. Uninstall current printer driver, remove temp files and install the latest driver.

To re-install driver, use Driver Wizard when server reboot is possible. DriverWizard.exe and driver files will be installed in C:\seagull when you run Seagull driver package.

If reboot is not an option, remove printer and install driver by specifying C:\seagull folder.

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