Spooler Queue Problem With Markem-Imaje Cimjet S’abonner


I'm working with the Markem-Imaje CimJet 4'' (300 dpi).

The printing on the printer is activated by a trigger that notifies when a carton is in front of the printer.

My working scenario should be to send a label to the printer, wait for the trigger to fire and then print the label. In the meantime any new labels to be printed are queued in the spooler waiting for the current label to be printed.

The problem I am facing is that when I send new label to the printer this last label overwrites the current label in the printer one even if it has not been yet printed.




If I send the labels to the printer in this order:


Label 1

Label 2

Label 3

Label 4

Label 5


In the spooler queue I see that all of the labels are sent to the printer even if the trigger did not fire yet (i.e. no physical label is actually printed).

When the trigger fires only Label 5 is actually printed losing all of the other labels.

Is it possible to have that the queued labels are sent to the printer only if the previously label is actually printed?

Alternatively is it possible to have the printer to notify if a label has been correctly printed so that I can wait to send a new label until the previous one is printed?


Thanks for your support.


Best regards,



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Hi Mark,

I am facing the exact same issue , did you ever find a solution to this ?

kind regards,


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