Unable To Connect To Printer Datamax E Class Mark Iii 4204B S’abonner




I am running on Windows 7, Installing driver for Datamax E Class Mark III 4204B.

1) Printer connected via USB and using the DriverWizard.exe Installed the printer driver successfully.

2) In the Devices and Printers > Printer Properties > Ports > set as USB001 - Virtual printer port. (I can even triggered a test print successfully)

3) In the NETira Configuration Tool, selected as USB_Virtual_Com and the com port selected as COM3 (Also shown in the Device Manager).

4) When I click Query Printer, I am unable to communicate with the printer.


Did I miss anything here to bind the USB to the COM port?




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Ian Cummings
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It sounds like you've done things correctly, I suggest you get in touch with the makers of the converter box.

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