Ice Drivers And Windows 8.1 S’abonner

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We have just updated our Bartender computers to Windows 8.1 but are having issues printing to our ICE printers via LAN connection.


When we print to the ICE printers we get the first print but any subsequent prints do not go through.


We have tried the latest drivers,


Set the printers up on the Computers and as shared printers on a windows server 2012 and still not luck.


Ports etc are all set correct or we wouldn't get the first print.


At the moment we are still using our old computers for printing to ICE printers but our new version for printing to our TEC printers (which work fine).  This is not Idea due to the amount of space being used just for computers.


Latest drivers state that they are Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 compatible.


Anyone have any clues?




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