Sato Cl408E Is Online But Not Printing S’abonner




I have a problem with SATO CL408e. It was worked fine and then today when I started to print, the printer did not print and the ONLINE Status showing Qty 000001. So I switched it off and turn back on, and it still does not print.


I tried many times to print, when I send the job printing from the computer, the little icon of printer is dissappeared (showing that it printed, no error sign or printing troubleshooting). But nothing came out from the SATO printer. The status ONLINE Qty 000001.


Anyone could help in this matter? Very much appreciate it.


P.S I even tried to connect/install the SATO printer all over again into the computer. When it connected to the printer, it read New Hardware detected and ready to use SATO..




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Ian Cummings
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