Printing Too Large With New Printer & Driver S’abonner


We have been printing with a Zebra 110Xi111 , Bartender V9.3 SR2 & an old Seagull Driver, no issues.


This week we upgraded one of our printers to Zebra 110Xi4 and the latest Seagull Driver.


The issue we have is the label format on the new printer is printing too large, it looks like the size is about 105% 


Does anyone have any ideas?





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Ian Cummings
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We recommend that you keep all Seagull printer drivers to be at the same version in order to avoid version conflict issues.  Therefore, you might want to use the DriverWizard to remove all Seagull drivers, then reinstall all printers back using the latest printer driver.


Note: It could be that the metrics on an old driver were in fact off, and have since been corrected via a bug report.  What could cause a 105% increase in size, could be down to us fixing an issue we had in the past.  Maybe you were printing a little smaller than should be, but you didn't know it.

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