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I'd like to be able to import registry settings to set the desired default stock and media sense mode (transmissive) within a given user's profile (or alternatively do similar that affects all users).  I've got the requisite stock added via the Defaults.sds file.

Is it a case of importing the printer-named value under HKCU\Printers\DevModes2 and/or the one under DevModesPerUser?  I don't know the details of what these two keys do.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Ian Cummings
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Are you wanting to do this in a scripted way, rather than have the user manually import the SDS file into their printer driver instance?  If you want to do this in a scripted fashion then you could run a DAL (Driver Automation Layer - C:\Windows\ssdal.exe) command line via a user login script.  See the below example:


C:\Windows\ssdal.exe settings import "C:\Seagull\NewDefaults.sds"

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