Settings For Perforation Depth When Cutting S’abonner

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We are printing on continuous media with BarTender 2016 and a TE3112 model thermal transfer printer from Tyco, and recently purchased and installed an automatic perforation cutter attachment made by Tyco specifically for this printer. 


Our issue is that, no matter how we adjust the 'perforation depth' settings on the printer and printer driver (using the driver from Seagull), the attachment cuts all the way through the material instead of leaving perforations.


I found the following clause in the manual that came with the attachment, which I think might be the source of the issue: "In several label software solutions the perforation command C p is not implemented. Perforating material via such a software is not possible."

Can someone verify whether or not the above is true for BarTender 2016? If so, would there possibly be a workaround with Printer Code Templates? I'm not familiar with PCT's at all, but it seems at first impression that this might be a way to do it.
Thanks in advance for any help you are able to offer.

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