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I Have To Turn Printer Off Then On To Get Label To Print


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    Susan Chen
    Hi, Gray:

    Do you use our driver wizard to install Seagull Printer driver for Sato M8400RV from our web site or CD ?

    The problems on your side is some Bartneder formats you can print to Sato M8400RV OK but some other formats you can not print to Sato M8400RV, you need to turn off Sato M8400RV printer and then turn it on and then you can print ??

    This sound a little unusual to need to turn printer off(back on) to be able to print label. Can you send us 1)the correct print format and 2) turn printer off then back on format and 3) Printer driver setting(Start-> Setting-> Printer and fax-> Right click on the selected printer and choose “Properties”, On the "About" tab, click on "Version" and "save to file") to, I will work with you further. If this is very urgent, I would suggest contact printer manufacturer at the same time.


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