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Hi All i am stuck with bartender label desing software.I require the printer to print with a dynamic photo and the text should be static.To be clear i need to print a Park Entry ticket,when a person comes to take a ticket we will take a photo with a webcam and the printer should print the photo and need to store it in local system database.It shouls also have the park details text only the photo will change always.Is this possible,please help me in this regard

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Ian Cummings
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Currently BarTender only supports the import of webcam images into the label format at design time. Import of such images at print time is in the wish list for possible implementation in the future. I believe this sort of feature is important to many of our customers, so therefore it should have a relatively high development priority.

For now you would need to build a front-end application to take in the webcam image, and any other input data, and then while controlling BarTender via the automation interface feed the image data on to BarTender for printing.

More information on the BarTender automation interfaces can be found at the below links and the BarTender Help system.

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