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Problem: BarTender does not save default printer, have to open up Advanced... options and manually set specific label printer to be default, every time something needs to be printed.

There are two printers in the building, one is a USB connected T-3000 Plus bar code printer, the other is a networked Lexmark T-640

Windows sees both printers as being installed just fine but BarTender does not. Sometimes have to uninstall both printers and reinstall to get them to appear in BarTender.

The goal is to simply have BarTender print to the T-3000 by default (Print > Ok) and not have to dig through Advanced settings or reinstall the printer(s).

When there's a problem, the following error message displays: (See attached)

Edit: Also important to note is that the T-640 Lexmark is set to default in Windows (Errors pop up on the printer from IE if it's not default) and the T-3000 is set to default in BarTender. Maybe there's a configuration conflict of some sort? The labels do print a slightly different size after you have to open up Advanced and select the T-3000 again.

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