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Just trialing the basic package and all I need to do is print a logo and a barcode ( with readable text ) which has a fixed 2 letter prefix.  Then it is simply a question of giving it a starting number ie 252100 and then printing off sequential barcodes ( typically in batches of 100)

I've created the label template and added the logo and barcode field, but get stuck trying to print more than on label.  Anyone help?

I don't need a database as we just manually record each batch up to now.


Our old software has gone end of life and was too expensive to re licence, but was so simple to use!



Anyone help?

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In your barcode you will need to insert an initial number, so in your BarCode Properties, click on "Transform" tab > "Serialization" button, here you will find all the features that our Serilization allows.


Please check the screenshot that I've attached you.





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