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Hello everybody,


We have a btw model working with 2 data files (one for the header and one for the details).

These two files are joined by a common key.


I know the fact that in that case, the names and paths of the two files must be static (no "%trigger file name" usage enabled in Commander i think).

We have to overwrite these two files to print the label correctly.


In Commander, in mono session mode, we need to overwrite the two data files and launch the btw model with a trigger (empty file or other one trigger).


This model will take the two files recently overwritten its refers and print the label as expected.

There is no problem to work in a mono session mode.


The problem we have is coming in a multi session mode (more than one process or user can print the label "at the same time" with differents data files).


As the model can only print labels with the two static file names its refers, we can't overwrite the data files easily.


Is there a way to print labels in multi session mode with a unique btw model (using 2 data files inside) through Commander?


Is there a way to work in this configuration with dynamic file names (using a common start and a dynamic end file name for example).


The solution can be to write the two files with discriment names (containing user, order id or whatever invariant data) and that the model can interpret correctly these file names.

it is possible in that case?


In my opinion, we can do that in Commander by duplicating the model and the scan folder containing file names to print correctly in multi session mode, but it is not clean.



I think that i'm not the first person who have this problematic.


Hope that my problem is clear enough.













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