Issues Printing To Right Hand Printers (Zebra 170 Pax4) S’abonner

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What I am trying to print?

  • BarTender 10.1 SR3
  • Template created for desktop Zebra ZM600 (Left hand print)
  • XML data packets mainly set up in Arial Unicode MS
  • Code 128 barcode with fonts created on the printer (Zebra fonts)
  • Serialization performed by the printer with substitution for “best native font”
  • Some label elements are contained in boxes


What happens on Left Hand Line printer models using Zebra 170PAX4 drivers?

Labels print perfectly every time as with desktop printers.


What happens on Right Hand Line printers using Zebra 170PAX4 drivers?

  • The label is inverted. OK I understand I can orientate 180o on driver printer properties.
  • The entire 180x160mm size template is moved approx. 40mm south with nothing printing in the top portion of the label. This means ~25% of the label info is missing.
  • The serialization values move north in the label away from their assigned location on the template
  • The human readable barcode also set up with substitution for “best native font” is moved north and west from assigned location on the label.
  • The boxes placed strategically around some elements have not moved relative those elements i.e south by 40mm approx.
  • The Code 128 barcode is slightly shifted south but not relative to the remainder of the template.

Can anyone please advise? I realize there are sometimes issues with right hand versus left hand printers but shouldn't this be straight forward to resolve?

Is there any other info required?

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Shotaro Ito
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Try update the printer driver to the latest if using older versions:


In print dialog > Performance tab,

Try disable Optimization options such as [Allow Static Objects], [Allow Variable data optimization].  To save specific setting in the document, select [Use Settings for This Document Only]. 

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For info....


The issue here lay not with the drivers or firmware but rather with ZPL commands being sent with jobs via customised Pago software.


The ZPL commands sent with Pago jobs altered low-lying printer settings and once new commands were sent after a power down/up the BarTender printing worked without issue.


I appreciate your help and glad to report my problem is resolved with ZPL commands.

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