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I'm wondering if there is a way to integrate the query and form popups directly into the Print document window after you select a label.

Currently, you have to click print and then you get prompted first by the query and then the form.

I'm looking to streamline my process as much as possible, and while a couple of popups isn't so bad, I'm interested to know if there is another way to do things.


Thanks :D

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Shotaro Ito
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Unfortunately current version (10.1) of BarTender doesn't have such form. 

There's such requests we had from number of customers and I'm adding you as the wish list to make that feature to come sooner.


Currently, If you need to do such task, I would use external application to create CSV file (text database) then feed to Commander.

MS Access is good to make such things. You could do by Excel VBA too. Off course you can create your own custom application by VB.NET or C#.

in that case you can use BarTender .net SDK.


If you feel click [Print] button is tiresome, you can try Print Station - it has an option to skip print dialog.

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