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My templates are saved to a network location. I have three templates: 1 is about 250kb in size and the other two are about 1000kb. The print station shows all three but when I attempt to print the two larger files, the print station tells me it's unable to find the files. I double checked via windows explorer that the files are indeed there and the names match what print station tells me.


I also noticed that only the two larger files are password protected through Bartender Document Password. Will this interfere with print station being able to open them? The small template prints just fine through print station, it is not password protected.

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Adrien Pierret
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Hello Dave, 


This is indeed not yet feasible from within Print Station directly, however, there is a feature request for this particular use case and we are hoping to add it in one of our future versions of BarTender. In the meantime, BarTender documents printed via Print Station cannot be password protected. 

Please note that you can use a "Print-Only Password" from the administer menu which will not prevent users from printing it. 



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