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Hello all,

   I have an issue where Print Station becomes un-responsive when trying to do a print preview or print a label. I am on 10.1 SR4 and this is only happening on one PC. The other PC that we use BarTender on works fine so I don't think it is an issue with my template. When I try to do an uninstall of print station to reinstall it, it tells me that I am missing the file that it tries to access. Any suggestions?

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Levi Hargrove
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Hi there,


This sounds like it was installed by a CD, or by the web download. Can I have you download the full installer, found here:


Once it is downloaded, please right-click and run it as admin to install it. If you run into the same error there may be some issues in the registry. Typically issues like that would require a much more in-depth removal process, if this was the case I would recommend giving technical support a call for you region. Here is the contact information for all the offices: 

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