Total Beginner To Visual Basic: Need To Create Weight*unit Price S’abonner

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I've watched the tutorial videos and read the PDF manual but can't seem to get an understanding of how to create a Visual Basic script. I have the trial version downloaded.


I have my label set up to include all my text objects on the Template as well as a Scale Display on the Data Entry Form. I have a Data Source linked to the Scale Display, but one concern is whether it is done correctly or not because we do not have a scale set up as of yet (I do not have the authority to purchase the scale until I can prove that BarTender will work). I set up the Data Source link by following the instructions given in "Creating Data Entry Controls".


Moving forward from that issue, my task is as follows:


- Set a UNIT PRICE as given ($8.49/KG)

- Derive the WEIGHT from the scale data entry control

- Multiply the UNIT PRICE by the WEIGHT to determine the TOTAL PRICE


Now I'm sure this is very simple to accomplish for those familiar with Visual Basic, but I haven't a clue where to start as I've never used it before.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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