Need To Identify Best Way To Share Bartenter Software With Other Desktops On The Network. S’abonner

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I'm having issues sharing the license server copy of the bartenter with desktops in the server's network. I'm mapping back to the application on the license server - have shared the folder as co-owner on the license server and added the the product code to the package to be delivered via an application launcher on the desktop. The icon will launch but will not open files - need help to complete the deployment of the label printing feature on our new server.

Please advise.


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Ian Cummings
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I'm not sure what you are trying to do here. The Seagull License Server is the licensing software which handles printer licenses for the various BarTender clients installed on computers around your network. License Server should only be installed and activated on a single PC, with the BarTender clients connecting to it over the network. Take a look at the below white paper for more details.

Or perhaps you are trying to share a central installation of BarTender to other computers on the network? If you are then unfortunately this is not possible. For reasons of Windows logo certification, BarTender will either need to be installed locally onto each client PC or you use something like Citrix or Terminal Server (Remote Desktop) to deploy BarTender. It should be noted that you can script installation of BarTender if deployment is an issue to you. Take a look at the below white paper:

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