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I want to design a label for a zebra z4000 label printer on labels of size 25.4x25.4
If I define a label of size 25.4x25.4, the print is too large, instead, i have to define a size of 16.5x16.5 in bartender in order to make the label fit.

This causes a problem when I places an EAN13 barcode on the label which is either too large or very, very small. (i can only choose size 0,08 mm or 0,17 mm as smallest element)

Question :
-How can i make the labels fit?
-Or how can i size the ean barcode somewhere between 0,08 mm and 0,17 mm to make a better fit

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Ian Cummings
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It sounds like you might be using a 300 dpi printer driver on what is a 200 dpi printer. Check that you have the correct printer driver model selected for the actual printer hardware you have.

Concerning the X-dimension of the barcode. The X-dimension setting of a bar code specifies the width of the bar code. This in fact adjusts the number of dots a printer uses for the width of the narrowest element of the bar code. All other bars of greater width grow in ratio to the narrowest bar as you expand the bar code's width.

The size of the dot and the X-dimension are determined by the selected printer's resolution. A dot represents the size of the smallest mark the printer can print. Each step in the X-dimension increases the narrowest element by a single dot of the printer. The printer resolution is important because it's impossible to increase the narrowest elements by fractions of a dot. It can only increase by a full extra dot. Of course all wider bar code elements grow in ratio to this.

For example if the narrow element is 1 dot wide and the widest element is 10, when we increase the X-dimension by 1, so that the narrow element is 2, the widest element will now be 20. This accounts for the "jumping" in the bar code's width when you increase the X-dimension. The higher the resolution of the printer, the smaller these steps will be, because the size of a single dot will be smaller.

We do not advise that you try working around this physical limitation of the printer by exporting the bar code object as a graphic and then importing it back into your label as a picture object. Although a picture object can be scaled to any dimension desired, it will result in a poor quality bar code and may be unreadable for a bar code scanner.

BarTender allows you to specify the target x-dimension of your barcode. This feature can be found in the properties of the barcode in the barcode tab. Click on the Wizard button to the right of X Dimension. This feature still requires the printer to support the target x-dimension size of your barcode.

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