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Hello all,

i hope this is the right forum for my question.
Currently using 8.01, 9.x BT-EA40 license is currently being ordered.

I have two questions which i hope i can solve with your help.

I'm printing these labels:
Work Order
Expiration Date.

Now to print the labels for one order i print 1 label with the order quantity and 1 label for each part.
So for 100 parts i will print 101 labels.
1 showing Quantity: 100
100 showing Quantity 1

I have setup all fields as 'Promt during printing' and so i read in the data via Barcode Scanner.
Problem now is that i have to scan in everything twice. Once for the label with the total quantity and once for the labels with the each quantity.
Can this be automated so i only have to enter this information once?

Second Question: The fields Expiration date is calcudated based on the Date field.
So e.g.
Date is 1Q12
Then expiration date is 1Q24 (always + 12 years.)
Can this be automated? So i only have to enter the 1Q12 and Bartender will calculate the second field?

Thanks for your help!

kind regards,

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Shotaro Ito
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Hi Matthias,

As of BarTender 9.4, it doesn't have a very simple solution for printing 2 designs based on single input.

Consider input number of Identical copies from user prompt, but keep it out of label. Give sharename "COPIES".

In Print dialog, Number of Identical copies option, select DataSource. In datasource tab, set VB Script (Multiline) to print COPIES + 1.
[code]Value = 1 + COPIES[/code]

This enables you to specify 100 copies and print 101 labels.

At outside of label, create one more text (TXT_SERIAL).
set value to "0", and in datasource's more options,
enable Serialization, enable [Serialize identical copies] and disable [Update sub-string after print].
It would counting up 0 - 100 when 100 copies is specified.

On label, create a text to show quantity. set source as label object string of TXT_SERIAL. (It would go from 0 - 100.)
In More options > VB Script > OnProcessData, set script to show COPIES for 0 and 1 for other number.

[code]If Value = 0 Then
Value = COPIES
Value = 1
End If

For make 12 years later use offset. Create 2 substrings:
#1. Screen Data "1Q"
#2. Date (format year 2 digits), offset by 12 Years

If you need to manually input "12" from prompt rather than system date, use More option's VB script (OnProcessData)
[code]Value = 12 + Value

See attached format.

Hope that helps.
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Thank you very much for your detailed help and the sample label.
This is exactly what i needed. Great service!
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Another question on this matter.
Guess it should go into the vbscript section but since it is related to this i place it here.

After the label with the total quantity is printed i want to print another extra label that will blank out some objects and print a picture.

To give an example:
If my quantity is 10 .

1) Print 1 label showing quantity 10 and all objects but not the picture
2) Print 1 label showing no objects and 1 picture
3) Print 10 labels showing quantity 1 and all objects but not the picture.

I've played around with vbscript on the TXT_SERIAL object but without luck so far.
Shotaro Ito
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Mmm. BarTender up to ver 9.x didn't have such a capability.
Try BarTender 10's multiple templates. From Page setup > Templates, You can have several Templates (designs) in a Document(btw format.) and you can specify Start of Job (header) label and End of Job(footer) label.

In 9.40, one idea is using database. Create a table (text file etc) like below by a simple program (VB, Access, etc), then print from BarTender using this database.

"1:HEADER", "10", "1", ""
"2:HEADER", "", "1", "PIC.BMP"
"3:DETAILS", "1", "10", ""

When no datasource is given to text control, the text won't be printed.
In picture object's error handling, there's option to ignore error when no picture is found.
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Ok i have solved it in a different way now.
I created a text field and set vbscript as data source.

[code]If Format.NamedSubStrings("txt_serial").Value = "0" Then
Value = "1"
Value = ""
End If[/code]

I have chosen Windings 2 as font and now i have a nice Symbol on the label with the total quantity. The extra label possible with BT10 would be my preference but i'm not sure when we will upgrade to BT10 as we have 40 licences and i only need this feature on 3 computers. :)
The idea with the extra-extra label was to highlight that before that label the extra label with the total quantity was beeing printed thus helping the workers to identify it.
But the symbol on the extra label is also ok.

Thanks again for your support!
Your original label is now connected to our ERP system to get data and contains a lot of small vbscripts to calculate fields or do several different input checks. I have learned a lot from all the examples here in the forums.
This is why i prefer forums for support rather than email. You can look at the problems from other customers and learn from the given solutions!

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