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Hi we are running Bartender 7.75 Enterprise edition, this morning I was trying to add two different languages to some of the labels we print but I am getting the error message #3604 when I try to add the text to the text box, I have tried this on two different pc's.

Error message 3604

Insufficient Memory to continue
Please check your system resources and retry after
taking corrective action. For example, free
up memory by closing other applications and try again.

Do you want to attempt to save your modified formats?

All help welcome.

Best Regards


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Susan Chen
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Hi, Stuart:

We do not currently support Bartender 7.75, you can reference our You can reference our FAQ for older version window compatibility and System Requirement

You can give it a try on 10.0 from our web site or purchase a new version from our local regional office.


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