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I have an application where I am printing from version 8.01 to a bagging machine with a serialized barcode. It appears that when I print a group with serialized barcodes, Bartender is sending them as 10 individual labels. For example, when I print 10 serialized barcodes my print file is 500 KB. When I print the same format without the serialized barcode as 10 individual labels, my print file is only 122 KB. The larger print file is causing me to run out of memory in my printer. This is causing an issue because I need to be able to print 1000+ labels and I need the serialized barcodes for shipping. Any suggestions as to how to get the serialized barcodes to be printed as 1 file would be great.

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Susan Chen
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Hi, Dcall717 :

Do you use Seagull printer driver? Please use Seagull driverwizard to install printer driver from our web site there are other printer driver for the same model, please uninstall using Seagull driver wizard). This problem might also related to printer models. If still a problem for you, please send your btw file, printer model and driver information and print file(Bartender : File-> Print-> Print to File) to regional office for more personalized assistance on the print file issue.


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