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Hi All

I was wondering if someone can help me with a label design.
I am printing out pallet labels.

I need to display which number that pallet is and how many pallets there are in total.
I have set bartender to print out how many copies the pallet total is, but how do I do the pallet count with it going up?


I want it to print 1/18 pallets, 2/18 pallets, 3/18 pallets etc up to 18.
Automatically of course.

Thank You

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Susan Chen
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Hi: MikeSully2

If you have professional or above edition, you can achieve this
1)Dragging Bartender "Components" toolbox -> Samples-> Seralization-> Label X of Y into the design area

2)File-> Print-> Quantity tab, put 18 into Number of Seralized Labels

If you have basic edition, you can use "X" "of" "Y" as three separate screen data(Basic does not have sub-string function)
1)Create three screen data for "X" "Of" "Y"
2)Double click on "X"-> More Option-> Seralization-> tick "Seralize" checkbox
3)File-> Print-> Quantity tab, put 18 into Number of Seralized Labels
4)In Y, put the number 18 you want to seralize

Hope it helps

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My question is similar to MikeSully2's one, but yet different enough so that your answer, I think, cannot be applied to what I'm trying to do.

Here is the context :

I take a large excel worksheet and link it to my Bartender label. Each line contains a item number, a description, a quantity, etc... all unique to the line.

What I'm trying to do:

I used the "X" "of" "Y" format, where "Y" is directly the quantity in my excel line, and I would like "X" to be 1,then 2 then 3,..., then my final quantity "Y". While "X" grows to its final value, everything else stays the same.

Once the first line is completed, it would do the same to every other line in my worksheet.

Example :

If my excel worksheet is :

|item 1 | blabla | 3 |
|item 2 | hihi | 1 |
|item 3 | hourra | 2 |

Then when I print my bartender document, I should get 6 labels, 3 on which it is written item 1, blabla and 1 of 3, then item 1 and blabla and 2 of 3, then item 1, blabla and 3 of 3. Then 1 label of item 2, then 2 labels of item 3.

Hope it is clear enough,

Thank you for any kind of assistance,

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I've done it finally with excel.

I used the lookupv (recherchev in french) and if (si in french) functions to generate the list in excel.

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